“I think there really isn’t a higher recommendation a parent can give than to send both children to this childcare/school for as long as possible! Our children have been loved and cared for impeccably while they have played and grown and learned here throughout their early years. They leave us with a smile in the morning, tell us about their friends, teachers and activities and come home happy. I love the new app/email daily report that even includes pictures & videos – makes a difference in connecting with my children about their day, and super-slick smartphone app. I actually use the app when my friends want to see recent pictures of my son, because he’s so adorably happy every day at school. The monthly curriculums are well-thought out, age appropriate, with play, tactile experiences, creative, and bring in movement, art, music, and books, and also are tailored to the interests of the children in the class.

The best childcare and preschool experience we have had in many years of childcare. The teachers also take good care of working parents – we know our children will get healthy meals and all the important physical needs taken care of (sunscreen, cozy nap space and time, weather-appropriate clothes – basic, but crucial to everyone’s well being!). The other families and their children are part of a friendly school community. You can tell how well the school is loved that every little sibling is now at Happy Ladybug after their older sibs move on, and the older siblings love to visit with their old teachers and still remember each other and the siblings at pickup/dropoff time. We have been with HLB for two locations, and it still has the lovely warm family feel we loved about it in the first place, but now with a little more room. The teachers are a dream – warm, brilliant and loving.”

Halden FitzGerald Scott, Parent of James and Paul

“When parents are searching for quality preschools for their children, they often choose a place based on the feeling they get when they walk through the door. When parents see engaged, smiling, and kind children playing and learning together – when parents see teachers facilitating children’s play and encouraging respect and gratitude for each other – when parents see love and attention for children in the kids’ artwork on the walls and in their photographs around the room – they know that they have finally found the preschool they’ve been looking for…Happy Ladybug Preschool.

My son has thrived at Happy Ladybug. He started days after his second birthday and has continued into his “bigger boy” years. He can’t wait to see his teachers and his ladybug friends every morning, and literally bounces into school with the biggest smile on his face. At dinnertime, he recounts his day at school…playing with good friends, eating delicious (and all organic!) meals, working together with teachers on projects, reading books, creating and building with blocks, having a dance party, singing songs…and the list goes on and on.

Elvan and her staff are smart, caring, dedicated educators who are committed to providing children with the highest quality learning environment. In the world of early childhood education, Happy Ladybug stands out as an example of best practices in building children’s academic vocabulary and integrating science and mathematics into daily life. The curriculum, which is theme-based and changes monthly, is rich and engaging, with connections to literature, movement, art, song and word play, and more.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the decision we made for our son’s preschool experience. Happy Ladybug Preschool is a truly magical place…you’ll see when you walk through the door.”

Maria Iams , Parent of Andrew

“Happy Ladybug Childcare is a wonderful place for children. Ms. Elvan, owner and lead teacher, provides a warm, inviting, child-center environment in her home for children including our son, Brandon. Brandon loves coming to school and often says “I want to go to Ms. Elvan’s”. Each day is highly organized, providing the necessary structure small children need and the wonderful enrichment and stimulation that they crave. Arts, crafts, dancing, singing, outside play, counting and reading are among the activities each day. Ms. Elvan is skilled at providing children with the innovative, play-based curriculum Read, Play, Learn. Two storybooks are chosen for the month and creative activities are centered around the theme. Additionally, the children are encouraged to and work very well together. Ms. Elvan and her colleagues at Happy Ladybug have an unconditional love and positive regard for children. We are thrilled to have such a high quality childcare for our son here in Stapleton.”

Haley Figueroa, Parent of Brandon

Ms Elvan provides a very nurturing and loving environment for the children at Happy Ladybug. She has great patience with each child and encourages them to be friends and work well together.

Ms. Elvan has continued to evolve her program as the children grow and expand their knowledge so they are always learning something new and are challenged. She publishes a monthly lesson plan that is based on the season and/or the children’s interests. She also encourages the parents to get involved by borrowing books to read at home, participating in class activities and letting us know of the lesson plan in advance so that we can talk about it at home with our children.

The children are served two very healthy and organic meals each day along with two snacks – the children often assist in preparation. They also play outside every day, with the exception of rainy days or really cold days.

At a recent birthday party it was obvious that the ‘ladybug’ kids were all good friends – holding hands, giving hugs and talking to each other. When Elvan arrived at the party they all excitedly ran up to her, gave her a hug and told her what was going on.

We couldn’t be happier with the care that our daughter receives at Happy Ladybug! Our daughter looks forward to going each day – she is happy and learning with all of her friends!”

Jennifer Cowan, Parent of Maisie

“We are leaving Stapleton after two great years, and I feel we can’t say goodbye without sharing with the parents community our deep appreciation to the staff in “Happy Ladybug Early Learning Center”. We arrived to Stapleton with 4 kids, our youngest was 1 and we were looking for a daycare for him (we are both physicians…). We had experiences with many daycares in Europe and in the states (NY) and I can say that the learning environment, the educational programs, and the other families are above and beyond any other daycare we had. They have a class for 1-2, a class for 2-3 and two classes for kids 3-5. They also serve great healthy food for the kids, which is not so common these days…
But the most important thing of course is that they have great teachers that are happy to come every morning to meet the kids (and the parents) and that gave me a sense of confidence saying goodbye to my son even in rough mornings. The manager and administrator are very attentive and open for parents. So if you are looking for a daycare, go to see “Happy Ladybug” and I’m sure you would like to stay…”

Yael Dagan